The future of the automotive industry and sustainable transportation

Room A1
8:30 – 9:20
Format: Keynotes

This session will address the potential transformations and future scenarios envisaged in the value chain related to the transportation means in general, and in the automotive sector in particular, as a result of the advances in applied research and technological development.

Autonomous and zero emissions driving appear as the two major challenges the automotive industry will have to face in the future; this implies vehicles powered by alternative energies, as well as the development of software and hardware solutions to make their operation safer, more efficient and autonomous.

Each speaker will identify, from his/ her own perspective, the key issues that will mark the future of the automotive sector in cities, addressing both their challenges and opportunities. Likewise, speakers will assess the impact of scientific and technological advances on new sustainable urban mobility strategies and models.

Mikel Lorente, Technical Director, ACICAE / AIC-Automotive Intelligence Centre

Miguel Ángel Alonso, Director of Maintenance and Engineering, ALSA
Mario Armero, Executive Vice President, Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers – ANFAC
Javier Aguirre, Chair/CEO, Kapsch TrafficCom Spain & Portugal