Sustainable mobility in smart cities: strategic component in the future of metropolitan areas

Room A3
10:10 – 11:10
Format: Roundtable

The growth of internet mobile applications, data bases and storage & processing of information in the cloud become an opportunity for improving cities and metropolitan areas performance and therefore, the quality of life of citizens. The smart city benefits from the data infrastructure to improve both decision-making and services provision, being mobility one of the most important.

Thus, this discussion will be focused on highlighting the technological solutions that have been developed in order to ensure efficient and sustainable urban mobility systems in urban and metropolitan contexts.

Pilar Elejoste, Head of DeustoTech Mobilty, University of Deusto

  • Idoia Postigo, Deputy Director of BM30
  • Aitiziber Irigoras, Mayor of Durango
  • François Fischer, Senior Manager Innovation and development, ERTICO – ITS Europe
  • Itziar Epalsa, CEO, Euskadi technological park network