Going out for pintxos


Global renowned food

Basque gastronomy has achieved a good reputation internationally and pintxos are its best representation. Therefore, when you are in Bilbao, do not miss out the opportunity to go out for pintxos, which means snacking from bar to bar, the best places where locals meet their friends.

Some areas to go for pintxos are: Casco Viejo, with more than 200 establishments; Poza Street, a street full of bars that heads to the San Mamés football stadium; Diputación, the centre of the pintxo route; and Mercado de la Ribera, one of the most special areas of Bilbao due to its combination of market and gastropubs.

Our wine: Txakoli

Besides enjoying the pintxos, you cannot leave Bilbao without tasting its famous wine, the txakoli. This white wine, which was originally produced in the hamlets, has become a valuable international wine thanks to the professionalization of its production.