Bilbao´s surroundings


Bilbao, privileged area

Bilbao is located in a privileged area near to the beach, natural areas and other historical places. If you want to get the most out of your visit to Bilbao, go and discover places like the coast, the medieval villages and their natural spaces.

The coast

Even this sounds like a summer season plan, do not miss out the seductive landscapes in the beaches near Bilbao. Surfers around the world love them! Get there by taking just the metro.

Medieval villages

Near to Bilbao you can find great heritage beauties which have been testimonies of the Bilbao history. In these villages you can visit religious places from different epochs, take a walk over the narrow cobblestone streets, and know farmhouses or luxurious palaces

Natural areas

An example of the mining history of Bilbao is the Arboleda, a town where iron ore used to be extracted and which is currently being transformed into a recreational area. In recent years, progress has been made on the environmental, landscape, historical and cultural recovery. To access its environment, it is recommended to use the funicular towards La Reineta neighborhood. In the journey, the funicular, dated back to 1926, gives you the chance to enjoy beautiful views over the Abra de Bilbao.