New Bilbao


An innovative and contemporary city

During the transformation process initiated in the city at the end of the twentieth century, the architecture has been gaining relevance thanks to its role as creator of the new Bilbao image: an innovative and contemporary city. Some of the recuperated or new buildings that shape the new feature of Bilbao are:

Azkuna Zentroa - Alhóndiga Bilbao

This modernist style building used to serve as a wine storehouse, which has been recuperated in order to become a huge space for culture and leisure. Inside, it is the Cultures Atrium, an impressive columns courtyard, whose roof is the transparent base of the swimming pool located in the Terrace of the Sun.

Isozaki Atea

This space is located in the former Free Warehouse, a place dedicated to the transit of international goods trade. Isozaki is the name of the Japanese architect who wanted to make this 21st Century City Gate to connect the Ensanche and the Estuary, which consists of a grand stairway, inspired in the Plaza de España in Rome, and two 83-meter twin towers.

Frontón Bizkaia

It is the largest pelota court in Euskadi, whose interior accommodates three facilities: Fronton de Mano, Trinkete and Kirol Etxea, the three sports federations. On weekends you can attend pelota games, a traditional Basque sport. In addition, in the area where it is located, Miribilla, you can find other modern infrastructures such as the “Bilbao Arena” Sports Palace.