Repsol, committed to the present and future challenges of mobility

Repsol is a multienergy provider with presence throughout the entire energy value chain which seeks to play a leading role in the energy transition of the XXI century. As the leader in energy supply for mobility in Spain, Repsol participates in the current transition taking place in the transport sector, which involves new energy solutions, new forms of mobility and consumption patterns.

Innovation is the ultimate driver of change, Repsol is committed to innovation and development of initiatives which contribute to new solutions for transportation. Repsol is also focused on developing electric mobility solutions –another vector of change in the way we move and consume- which offer maximum quality, sustainability and efficiency. The company is investing in AutoGas among other mobility applications, which offer drivers more options and promote the sharing of resources.

During the debate on challenges faced by present and futures cities ‘SUM Bilbao 19’, the Chairman of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, defended technological neutrality on the road towards sustainable mobility. As a short-term measure, he mentioned the need for a program of fleet renewal as the most efficient way to reduce emissions, since one of the factors that most influences air quality in cities is precisely the aging of the vehicle fleet: “In Spain, more than 60% of vehicles are more than ten years old”. The Plan Renove promoted by the Basque Government to boost vehicle fleet renewal is a good example of how things should be done. Brufau highlighted that, thanks to new technologies, combustion engines reduced NOx emissions and particles in almost 90% when compared to levels of a decade ago and there is still room for improvement in efficiency and emission reduction estimated at 30% by 2030.

Public and private institutions must work together with a clear technological and industrial vision, a real vision of the impact energy transition is having and a pragmatic evolution towards more sustainable urban spaces, the Chairman of Repsol added.