Raquel Sánchez

Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda of the Government of Spain l Spain

David Robinson

Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies l Spain

May López

Development Director of Companies for Sustainable Mobility l Spain

Rafaela Romero Pozo

Provincial Deputy of Gipuzkoa of the Department of Mobility and Spatial Planning l Spain

Joan Clos

IBEI Fellow Professor, former Executive Director of UN-Habitat and former Mayor of Barcelona l Spain

Pere Calvet i Tordera

General Manager of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) and Honorary President of the International Union of Public Transport (UITP) l Spain

Mónica Díaz

Technique in the area of energy efficiency in industry and transport of the Basque Energy Agency l Spain

Alfonso Gil

President of the Commission on Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Road Safety at FEMP. Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Mobility and Sustainability in Bilbao City Council l Spain

Javier Hurtado

Adviser of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government l Spain

Jordi Hereu

President of idencity and former mayor of Barcelona l Spain

Joanna Richart

Head of Hydrogen Business at Ricardo Automotive & Industrial  l United Kingdom

Sandra Witzel

Co-Founder Women in Mobility London; CMO and Board Member at Skedgo l United Kingdom

Carlos Martín

Technical and Environmental Director of the AOP (Spanish Association of Petroleum Products Operators) l Spain

Jon Lekue Martinez

General Managing Partner at AUTONERVIÓN and President of the Vizcaya Car Dealers Association l Spain

Janice Lin

Founder and President, Green Hydrogen Coalition; Founder and CEO, Strategen l USA

Fernando Calancha

Partner of the Department Regulatory-Administrative Law of PwC Tax & Legal (Madrid) l Spain

Sergio Diez

Cofounder & Corporate Relations at Connected Mobility Hub l Spain

Jose Ignacio Zudaire

Director of People, Organization, Institutional Relations and Economic-Financial Department of Petronor l Spain

Íñigo del Guayo Castiella

Chair, Academic Advisory Group (AAG), de la Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources & Infrastructure Law (SEERIL) of the International Bar Association (IBA) l Spain

Marcela Petrantonio

Executive Secretary of Mercociudades and Secretary of Productive Development and International Relations of the Municipality of Tandil, Argentina, current Presidency of Mercociudades l Argentina

Cristina Lobillo

Head of Energy Policy – Directorate-General for Energy, European Union l Spain

Juan Marín Cruzado

Cities Director for Spain and Portugal of Kapsch TrafficCom and Vice President of the Sustainable Mobility and Connected Vehicle Commission of Ametic l Spain

Saki Gerassis Davite

Policy and Data Officer – Sustainable and Intelligent Transport Unit – DG Mobility and Transport at the European Commission l Brussels

Guillermo Figueruelo Malo

Head of Business Development, Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (Fundación Hidrogen Aragón) l Spain

Javier Coleto

Manager of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy of Tecnalia l Spain

Jaime Belmar

Member of the technical secretariat of FLACMA and Executive Secretary of the ACHM l Chile