Platinum Sponsors

Repsol is a global multi-energy company that is leading the energy transition with its ambition of achieving zero net emissions by 2050. Present throughout the energy value chain, the company employs 24,000 people worldwide and distributes its products in nearly 100 countries to around 24 million customers.

Repsol produces an average of 650,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and boasts one of Europe’s most efficient refining systems. The company is transforming its seven industrial complexes in Spain, Portugal, and Peru into multi-energy hubs through state-of-the-art projects that will reduce their carbon footprint. Its customer-focused product and services portfolio is capable of meeting all consumer needs, whether at home or on the move. It leads the development of sustainable mobility solutions with increasingly efficient fuels, sustainable biofuels, Autogas, natural gas for vehicles, and electric vehicle charging solutions. Repsol is also a major player in the power and gas market in Spain, with 1.2 million customers and a total low-emissions generation capacity of more than 3.3 GW.

To achieve zero net emissions by 2050, Repsol is deploying an integrated model of decarbonization technologies based on enhanced efficiency, increased low-emissions power generation capacity, production of low-carbon fuels, development of new customer solutions, the circular economy, and by driving breakthrough projects to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.


Fundación BBK will show its commitment to regional sustainability in the second edition of SUM Bilbao.

BBK, as a banking foundation committed to the development and progress of Bizkaia, has been working in favour of the environment and the region’s sustainable development for some time. Among other projects, it has supported the creation of start-ups in Bizkaia that offer refreshing stimuli, funding projects that develop renewable energy generation or foster energy transition.

In this new edition, BBK will participate again as one of the main sponsors in the Platinum category. Its participation is highly significant, as it strengthens the link between sustainable mobility and the financial sector, as well as showing an interest in the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Gold Sponsors


Bizkaibus is the public road transport service managed by Bizkaia Provincial Council. It connects the province of Bizkaia thanks to an effective network of inter-urban routes, with a constant increase in recent years of the number of passengers and kilometres travelled.

Bizkaibus has one of the most sustainable, efficient and modern fleets in Spain, comprised of 338 buses with an average age of 5.6 years, and 12% of which are hybrid. Bizkaibus has also launched the tender for 5 electric vehicles for 2022 after the tests carried out this year. All this as part of the commitment by the provincial department of Transport and Sustainable Mobility to cleaner and more environmentally-friendly mobility in Bizkaia.

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Sustainable mobility is an essential factor in the energy transition and in the fulfilment of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda. Therefore, Irizar e-mobility continues designing and manufacturing turnkey electromobility solutions for sustainable, efficient, smart, accessible, safe and connected public transport.

Firmly committed to sustainability and the environment, its goal is to reduce noise emissions, pollutants and CO2 emissions to create clean cities and improve people’s quality of life. Irizar e-mobility is proud to be present again in this second edition of SUM Bilbao; a congress whose main topics are fully aligned with its strategy.


As a multi-modal, sustainable and connected company, Alsa shares a common objective with the society, the administrations and the operators to move forward towards a more sustainable mobility, contributing to a better-quality environment in our cities and regions, as established by the ODS and the Green Deal launched by the EU to reach neutrality of emissions by 2050. With this challenge ahead, Alsa is committed to lead and be a benchmarking company in the transition period to zero-emission fleets.

As a Bilbobus and Bizkaibus operator, Alsa must have a presence in this new edition of SUM Bilbao to present its successful experiences in the electric mobility area, as in the case of Bilbao, and its projects in hydrogen buses, a technology that will be playing a key role in the green transition and the mobility of the future.

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The Department of Transport of the Basque Government is currently working on the draft bill of the Sustainable Mobility Act. The draft bill establishes a model that is committed to active mobility (on foot or by bicycle), promoting public transport over private vehicles, the interoperability of public transport tickets in an integrated intermodal system, promoting a sustainable mobility approach based on urban planning, and promoting rail transport. At the SUM BIO21, we shall bring together representatives from the public, private, business and academic sectors to share and contribute ideas and knowledge. Only then will we be able to build the mobility of the future from a sustainable perspective.

Silver Sponsors

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IBIL was set up in 2009 as a result of an agreement between Repsol and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) in order to develop electric vehicle charging technology, services and capacities and to shape sustainability initiatives. Today, IBIL is the leading company in electric vehicle charging technology in Spain and Portugal. Through its industrial technological vocation, IBIL heads an ecosystem made up of technology providers, manufacturers of charging points, service suppliers and key players in electric mobility to guarantee the best service for its customers and hence contribute towards organised and efficient energy transition.

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Kapsch TrafficCom is a globally renowned provider of transportation solutions for sustainable mobility. Innovative solutions in the application fields of tolling, tolling services, traffic management and demand management contribute to a healthy world without congestion.

International organizations, cities, states, road operators, and automobile manufacturers have set themselves the goal of reducing emissions caused by vehicles. Kapsch TrafficCom is proud of contributing to this goal by developing and implementing advanced traffic technologies and mobility solutions.

We have a clear goal in mind; by offering cutting-edge mobility solutions in the field of traffic, Kapsch TrafficCom is pursuing a clear vision: to help people get from A to B – comfortably, safely, efficiently, and on time. Throughout the entire value chain, we focus on sustainability and ways to protect the environment.


SEAT is committed to the environmental objectives set out in the Paris Agreement. To this end, the company has launched the global corporate mission Move to ZERØ, which entails a global strategy to decarbonise all mobility products and solutions throughout their lifecycle – from design, procurement of raw materials and production to the end of their life. It also includes the objective of contributing to the improvement of air quality driven by the electrification of the range and an efficient management of the waste.

SEAT consolidated its commitment to urban mobility and its contribution to designing the most sustainable cities of the future with the creation of SEAT MÓ in 2020. With this new business unit, the brand aims to respond to the new mobility needs of cities, with 100% electric, noise-free, accessible and affordable products and services.


Building a connected and sustainable Gipuzkoa, with citizens at the center of decisions is the premise under which the day-to-day operations of the General Directorate of Mobility are managed.

Sustainable mobility, the use of public transport and intermodality are the main objetives of this department to guarantee greater effectiveness and efficiency in the exercise of the fundamental right of mobility and advance in the parameters of democratic, inclusive, egalitarian and safaty, sustainability and ecological.

MUGI is the tool that guarantees equity and equality to move around and access public services regardless of where you live and the resources you have.


Via reimagines how people move. We’re the first TransitTech company to offer a flexible, end-to-end platform that serves the needs of modern communities across the public and private sectors. Via works with 500+ partners worldwide to plan, operate, and optimize their transportation networks. Whether your needs fall under planning, operations, fleet management, services, rider experience, or infrastructure – Via has the solutions to help you achieve your vision and build better transportation for your community.