Bilbao Metrópoli-30 and TECNALIA join SUM Bilbao as Strategic Partners

Cities have always acted as facilitators for relationships between people, and the large number of opportunities available increases productivity, making cities more attractive. But this advantage may become a problem if the high population density and number of economic activities increase the demand for transport, thus causing friction and important health problems. Bilbao Metropoli-30, a public-private entity in charge of promoting a strategic vision of the aspects that affect the city’s urban future, believes that mobility is essential in order to maintain its competitiveness, by offering new and better ways to get around.

TECNALIA, as a benchmark Technological Research and Development Center in Europe, belonging to BRTA (Basque Research and Technology Alliance), has been working for 15 years on solutions applied to the world of mobility to move towards the mobility of the future. This supposes the development of technologies and new business models that use the change towards a future scenario of mobility with low environmental impact, connected, efficient, safe, intelligent and inclusive. Specifically, TECNALIA is specialized in the improvement of transport vehicles, both land and air, in low-impact energy solutions for the infrastructure of recharging and integration in the network, in communication systems and energy infrastructures, as well as their interaction and integration into urban and interurban ecosystems.