Irizar e-mobility continues shaping the future of mobility

Irizar e-mobility, GOLD sponsor of SUM Bilbao, is the first European electromobility plant devoted exclusively to developing and manufacturing 100% electric, zero-emission, short-distance buses and trucks, including their own battery systems. It also offers charging infrastructures and the digitalisation of fleet management. They are all designed and manufactured with the Group’s own technology and come … Leer más

The importance of the urban distribution of goods

The urban distribution of goods is undergoing significant transformation due to the enormous growth of electronic commerce and the increase in the last-mile routes. Although the latter operate within a local framework, they have implications at the supra-municipal level. Urban logistics have an essential role in the good functioning of cities, although it is often … Leer más

Basque Sustainable Mobility Law

At the end of 2019, the Basque Government’s Cabinet passed the bill for Sustainable Mobility in the Basque Country, having completed the drafting and contrast phases of a project that involved the active participation of different sectoral stakeholders and diverse administrative levels, under the coordination of the Basque Transport Authority (ATE). The bill is currently … Leer más

Health as a priority pillar in mobility

World Health Day on 7th April should lead us to reflect on air pollution: a global threat that has a huge impact on human health and on ecosystems. Although global emissions of polluting gases have fallen over the past twenty years, they have increased in different regions of the world as a result of an … Leer más

Gender in the new urban mobility paradigm

Urban public services related to sustainable mobility play an important role in ensuring the welfare of citizens. Different public and private transport infrastructures are used each day and come to be crucial for the functioning of the social ecosystem, as they address the needs derived from social diversity whilst contributing to equal opportunities. The perspective … Leer más