Mercociudades and FLACMA become Strategic Partners of SUM Bilbao

Mercociudades came about 25 years ago with the aim of strengthening regional integration between cities in the Southern Common Market (Mercosur). Initially made up of 12 local governments, the network now includes more than 360 cities from 10 South American countries and is a benchmark in regional integration processes.

Its initiatives and programmes are based on its “integrated, inclusive and participative cities” approach, and its main objectives include: improving the quality of life in the Network’s member cities, influencing national, regional and world agendas, stimulating the exchange of experiences and creating joint projects and policies between the cities.

One of its major milestones is the creation of the first regional programme of cities for South-South cooperation.

FLACMA is a free membership purposeful organisation, that represents municipalities, local governments, territorial associations, as well as local authorities. Its vocation is the local development of cities and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, through political advocacy on a local, sub-national, national and international level.

It is the broadest and most pluralistic Latin American organisation, representing the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), and its Regional Division.