ANFAC, Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible, and Leber join the Congress

ANFAC is the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck manufacturers. It is a non-profit business organisation whose mission is to promote the proper development of the Automotive Sector, contributing to the general interests of the country.

ANFAC represents the common interests of the 52 automobile manufacturers and importers in Spain integrated in the association. The entire value chain of the Automotive sector is one of the main industries in Spain, generating 11% of the national GDP and 9% of employment over the active population and being an active sector in its transformation towards a more sustainable, efficient and accessible mobility aligned with the objectives of decarbonisation and digitalisation.

Empresas por la Movilidad Sostenible is a platform that brings together organisations committed to promoting sustainable mobility, contributing to the Agenda 2030 and to sustainable growth from the economic, social and environmental perspective.

Coordinators of the National Mobility Awards, with the collaboration of the Spanish Ministry for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the CONAMA Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering, the platform is a meeting point for professionals, administrations and industry that are leading the mobility, transport and commerce of the future. It is a co-creation forum and driver of solutions that offers up-to-date information and trends within the sustainable mobility sector.

Leber is a consulting firm that specialises in transport, mobility and traffic planning and their impact on urban development, the economy, urban quality of life and environmental quality.

Since 1989 it has set itself the goal of providing these services independently, creatively and according to state-of-the-art standards.

Its traditional line of work has been based on achieving the highest levels of efficiency in transport systems and also examining the effectiveness of the system beyond the realm of transport itself, adopting a systematic approach to identify the influence of urban development, economic efficiency, urban quality of life and environmental quality in our residential and work areas.